Crank Double Bridle


The luxuriously padded headpiece is shaped to curve away from the base of the horses ears, as this is a particularly sensitive area. This helps to reduce pressure in the poll area and therefore reduces resistance to the bridle, allowing the horse to work more freely. The noseband attaches as both sides (unlike traditional bridles) and a separate piece of leather runs over the top of the headpiece for the cheek pieces to attach to. This new design means there are no holes in the leather to slip the noseband through, making this bridle safer and smarter. This bridle has been featured & recommended in Horse & Hound Magazine. The bridle comes complete with a crank cavesson noseband, which is generously padded Matching padded browbands come as standard with this bridle, but they also look fabulous with the crystal browbands we sell. The slip head can be removed to convert this into a snaffle bridle. Additional nosebands may be purchased to fit this bridle. The nosebands will also fit a Jeffries IR bridle or an Albion KB.